Admission Interview


In Germany/ Canada/ Europe/ Australia/ New Zealand, many universities prefer to interview students as part of their Study Abroad Student Admission Process or as an extra step to ensure the right candidature for a particular course applied during university admissions.

At Onebounce, our team informs the student in advance and coordinate with the universities on student’s behalf to organize these interviews. These interviews may be telephonic or Skype based and are facilitated in Onebounce Office. We help our students with the requisite preparation and provide them significant inputs based on their profile.

Visa Guidance


Study Abroad Student Visa Interviews are the most critical aspect of pursuing the dream of Overseas education in the desired country for any student. A failure at that point may shatter the hopes of furthering one’s career through education, not to forget the time and energy it takes to revamp the process for another intake or starting study abroad planning for another country.

Onebounce conducts multiple interviews including stress interview to provide an idea of what to expect during actual Visa Interviews. We also guide students for country specific documents required like financial records- type and amount. We also provide questionnaire highlighting do’s and don’ts for Visa Interviews.