Study abroad in a post COVID world

2020 proved to be a year of setbacks courtesy the COVID pandemic. Worldwide lockdowns became a norm and many industries had to face slow down or close down the businesses. In case of student travelling abroad for studies became impossible. Though technology saved the day through online classes for study abroad aspirants, many students preferred to attend classroom sessions. Hence in this post we are going to discuss study abroad in a post COVID world.

Study abroad in a post covid world

In recent years the number of Indian students studying abroad has increased exponentially. As per the statistics, India ranks 2nd only after China when sending students abroad for education. Most students prefer to go abroad after completing the undergraduate degree in India. Many others also prefer to go after completion of their high school.

Before 2020 there was not much concern about going abroad for education. However 2020 has changed the scenario. Even though students are concerned about the post covid conditions in foreign countries, they still prefer to go abroad for higher education.

As per a some recent survey a whopping 91% Indian students are still planning to go abroad for education. After a certain amount of dip in inquiries in 2020, the enquiries are coming back to pre covid levels. Though students are positive to study abroad in a post covid world, they want some basic questions answered.

How safe is it to travel?

Not only tourists but student community is also worried if is it safe to travel abroad. We would like to advice you not to worry about the travel, though international flights have longer travel times. The Indian government and airport authorities in India and abroad are taking all the necessary steps to make sure all the safety measures are in place.

Some countries have asked students to take a COVID test before travelling, countries such as Canada has asked students to take mandatory COVID test once they arrive in Canada. Along with the tests most countries have asked the students to observe a mandatory quarantine of 14 days before joining the university.

All the necessary assistance will be provided to students who require to stay in 14 day quarantine. for example in the UK international students who travel on a valid student VISA are eligible to get FREE medical assistants from NHS (National Heath Services)

Online classes or offline classes?

The major concern for students going overseas in a post COVID world is the mode of lecture delivery. As you may be aware that most universities decided to start the classes online during the pandemic. And many students from India had to attend the classes online. Some universities decided to follow hybrid mode of online and offline classes.

However, considering the rising number of inquiries for offline classes in 2021. All the major universities are trying their best to do away with the online classes. Though it remains to be seen how the situation unfolds in the most preferred countries for higher education. Countries such as Canada, Ireland, UK, USA, France have been welcoming students for offline classes.

Students feel there are many benefits of talking classes offline rather than learning online. Some of them include, Students get to know the other students personally, the experience of living and moving around university campus is quite exciting. It is easier for faculty to answer student queries offline.

In case you are not sure of taking classes online. No need to get worried as the universities are trying possible ways to make offline learning possible for students who want to study abroad in a post COVID world.

What about the job markets?

There is no question bigger than this. when it comes to studying abroad. Be it COVID or Non-COVID students are worried about the job prospects in the country they are planning to move to. But the COVID has made it somewhat more difficult for students to choose the right country.

Economies across the globe including India suffered great losses due to pandemic. However the situation is set to change as all major economies are returning to pre COVID growth. Meaning if you are planning to start your abroad education this year, by the time you complete your degree you will have great job opportunities. This applies to all major study abroad  destinations.

Conclusion on study abroad in a post COVID world

As a student it is normal to have these questions, after all the pandemic has hit us after 100 years. But as long we stay hopeful about the future no pandemic can drag us down from getting ahead or going abroad for education in your case. We will keep updating you about the travel advisories issued by each country that is part of our services.

Hope you found this post to be helpful, if yes then please share it with your fellow students and do let us know in the comments about any other queries you may have. We will be happy to help you.

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