How to write letter of recommendation

How to write letter of recommendation? It is one of the most searched questions by students who want to pursue education abroad. There is a possibility that you too are one of those students. And that is why you clicked on this blog post. But before understanding how to write letter of recommendation, you must understand what is a letter of recommendation or LOR as it is popularly called.

Since you are here, we will help you understand

  • What is LOR
  • Who requires LOR
  • What are the types
  • Who can write the LOR
  • What is the correct format
How to write a letter of recommendation

What is LOR (Letter of Recommendation)

As the name suggests, a letter of recommendation is a letter that recommends someone for something. So that the someone can submit it to the someone to get the required result. Confused? You should not be. Let me simplify it.

Do you use LinkedIn? If yes great if not make you sure you check it out. We have a page on on LinkedIn. check it here. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. Or simply put it’s a place to put your resume in digital format. One of the option available on LinkedIn is option to recommend someone for their skills/achievements.

Let’s say you are software developer and your peers want to recommend you for your great skill, they will simply write a recommendation for you and endorse your skills. This endorsement helps your future employer to understand what kind of a person you are, and why they should hire you.

Similarly when you apply for a university education abroad they ask for a recommendation. This recommendation includes the endorsements of your skills from your employer. If you have just completed your education and do not have a work experience, you should take recommendation letters from your professors.

Who requires LOR?

As said before the LOR is required by almost all the international university and colleges. Since you are an international student, they need to understand your qualities as a student. If you are working professional, they will want to know, how good your skillsets are and whether you will be good fit for the course.

What are the types of LOR?

There are primarily two types of LOR,, first is an academic LOR. This one is submitted from your school/college. The second one is professional LOR. Professional Letter of Recommendation is to be provided by your employer.

Who can write the LOR?

Since the LOR is a recommendation, it is important to understand who can write the letter of recommendation. The person who writes the LOR is called the referee, because he refers you as a student. If it is an academic LOR then it should be written by any of these persons; Professor, Assistant Professor, Head of Department, Principal, Vice Principal etc.

If it is a professional LOR then your team Leader, Manager, Assistant Manager can write it for you. It is better if the LOR is written by a person who knows you personally, this improves your credibility as an applicant.

What is the correct format of LOR?

Writing an LOR is not a herculean task, but at the same time it is important that it includes all the necessary points. Some of them include

  • Your qualities as a student or team member if it is a professional LOR.
  • What is your level of understanding of the subjects you have studied.
  • What kind of projects you have worked on.
  • Why do you deserve to be the correct candidate for the course you have applied for.

Make sure the LOR is printed on the official letterhead of your college or your employer’s letterhead in case of a professional LOR. The LOR should be signed by the referee with his name, designation, contact details such as official email id and phone number, college / office address mentioned at the end of the LOR.

Have you now understood the basics elements of LOR? Let us know in comments if you have any further questions.

If you are want help writing the LOR for your application please feel free to contact us.

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