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Study Facts

  • New Zealand’s education system is based on the prestigious British system & degrees are acceptable worldwide
  • New Zealand is first in world for education and fifth most prosperous country according to London-based think tank, The Legatum Institute
  • New Zealand is a top-performing country in terms of the quality of its educational system” according to the 2013 Better Life index
  • In the QS World University Rankings, all eight of universities of New Zealand are ranked in the top 500
  • New Zealanders are a famously hospitable people with a lively interest in other cultures
  • New Zealand has well managed quality assurance system -NZQA (The New Zealand Qualifications Authority)
  • Business, Hospitality and Tourism, Sports and Leisure, IT, Aviation, Education, Horticulture and Nursing are most popular among Indian students in New Zealand universities
  • Students from India had the highest rate of transition to work (72%), followed by students from China (43%). Similarly, Students from India also had the highest rate of transition to permanent residence (47%), followed by China (23%)
  • Students can work part-time for up to 20 hours a weekduring semester studies and full-time during vacation
  • Visa process is hassle-free with simple documentations

Interesting Facts

  • New Zealand is almost 20% bigger than the UK but has a smaller population than Scotland
  • Every new day in the world begins in New Zealand. Light and time start here
  • New Zealand Is made up of two bigger islands (North Island and South Island) and hundreds of smaller islands
  • Voted the ‘best travel destination’ by Lonely Planet two years in a row!
  • For the year ending December 2011, New Zealand welcomed more than 2.6 million visitors, an increase of three per cent on the previous year
  • Sir Edmund Hillary, the first person to climb Mount Everest in 1953, was a New Zealander
  • New Zealand is the first country to give women the right to vote
  • New Zealand has more book-shops per head of population than any other country; one for every 7500 people
  • Joseph Nathan was a New Zealand entrepreneur that, in 1906, founded Glaxo, producer of the dried milk formula that became a household name for infant health & nutrition. Today, the company forms the cornerstone of the multinational corporation – GlaxoSmithKline
  • No part of New Zealand is more than 128km from the sea
  • Less than 5 per cent of the population of New Zealand is human – the rest are animals. This is one of the highest ratios of animals to humans in the world
  • “Lord of the Rings” was filmed entirely in New Zealand
  • Bungee jumping was originated in New Zealand
  • New Zealand athletic trainerArthur Lydiard invented jogging – the method of building physical fitness by gradually increasing stamina
  • Auckland is the largest Polynesian city in the world and is also known as the city of sails. It has more boats per capita than anywhere in the world