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Study Facts

Ireland is in the top-twenty worldwide for its higher education system, according to the IMD World
Competitiveness Yearbook 2013 Ireland was voted by Lonely Planet as the world’s friendliest country in 2008 and 2010
and was ranked 11th in the 2011 Global Peace Index.Students can choose from an extensive range of programmes to meet their needs in highly respected business
schools, centres of scientific and technology excellence as well as renowned language, humanities and arts faculties.
  • The most popular courses among International students are Business& Software & Technology
  • Ireland offers 1 year of MBA and Master Programs with various specializations
  • Most affordable place to study as compared to other European countries
  • Ireland is an English speaking country. Has a temperate climate
  • Students can work part time during study (up to 20 hrs a week) and full time during vacation
  • Leading global companies are present in Ireland like Apple, Intel, Pfizer, IBM, Citi, Facebook, Yahoo, Google and LinkedIn as well as:
  • Eight of the world’s top ten ICT companies
  • Eight of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical and life science companies
  • Half of the world’s major financial services companies
  • US President Barack Obama has called the Irish people “among the best educated in the world”

Interesting Facts

  • Ireland has highest number of church attendee in the World
  • Titanic, the Unsinkable ship, which sunk in its maiden voyage, was made in Ireland
  • There are more Irish people living outside of Ireland than inside Ireland
  • Irish Scientist solved one of the questions which come to our mind, “Why is the sky blue?”
  • Halloween has its origins in an Irish Festival
  • Ireland is the only European country with no snakes
  • Ireland has had its own Olympics since the Bronze Age, called the Tailteann Games
  • There are more mobile phones in Ireland than there are people