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    We’ve got a million reasons to give you. Let’s however categorically look at why you should study in Ireland when you are finalizing your study abroad plan. “The Irish Government investment in knowledge and higher education increased by an average annual rate of 10% in the past decade compared with EU and OECD average rates of 3%”. Ireland is relatively cheaper than other top cities in Europe to live, has a very low corporate tax structure (which attracts top companies), and simply put, everybody in Ireland speaks English – it is a 100% English speaking country. As your Ireland education consultant in Pune, Onebounce provides comprehensive support and guidance for students aspiring to pursue their higher education in Ireland, ensuring a smooth transition and an enriching academic experience abroad.

    • Best education systems in Europe
    • Best universities in the world
    • More Reasonable
    • Safest country in the world
    • 100% English speaking country
    • Cheaper than other top cities

    Top Universities in Ireland and Rankings

    Ireland is home to some of the best universities in the world. Trinity College Dublin is ranked 117th in the 2018 THE World University Rankings and has an international reputation of the highest quality, while University College Dublin and National University of Ireland, Galway rank in the top 250


    Quality of Education in Ireland

    • Ireland has one of the best education systems in Europe
    • All of Ireland’s universities are ranked in the top 5% globally (QS World Ranking 2012/13)
    • The quality of the Irish education system is a major contributing factor to the rapid rate of economic growth Ireland has experienced over the last few decades
    • Irish higher education institutions are widely recognized for excellence in many disciplines
    • Ireland is recognized as an international location for high-quality scientific research
    “The Irish Government investment in knowledge and higher education increased by an average annual rate of 10% in the past decade compared with EU and OECD average rates of 3%”

    Affordability and Return on Investment

    Cost of studying in Ireland is far more reasonable as compared to some other popular study abroad countries.Fees for undergraduate courses in Ireland can range between Euro 8000 to Euro 15000 approx. per year, while postgraduate courses in Ireland (Masters) can cost between Euro 10000 to Euro 10000 approx. per year. Living cost in Ireland range between Euro 7000 to Euro 10000 per year in general.

    Do the Math:
    Do the Math:
    Do the Math:

    1 Year Masters with Affordable Fee + 2 Years Stay Back to Work + 1000s of Companies (with EU HQs of World’s Top Giants) + Opportunity to Settle (once you have a job) = What else do you need?

    “A student studying one year Masters in Ireland can spend between INR 15 lacs to INR 25 lacs depending on the Irish Institution for both tuition and living, while he/she is allowed to work part-time for 20 hrs/per week during course and full-time during holidays”

    Safety and Location

    • Safety: Ireland is known as one of the safest countries in the world. The Global Peace Index 2018 ranked Ireland to be among the Top 10 safest countries in the world
    • Friendly Country: Ireland is also known to be one of the friendliest countries in the world, which is a big advantage for international students. Irish people are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality which greatly contributes to the ease with which overseas students adapt to student life in Ireland
    • Location: Ireland is also very strategically located in Europe. Besides being a part of the EU, thereby giving easy access to other EU nations, Dublin–the capital city is also the closest European port to the United States.

    Language and Communication in Ireland

    Ireland is a 100% English speaking country, thus life becomes way easier. Although Irish Gaelic is recognised as the official language of Ireland, only 36% of the Irish population speak it and the country is predominantly English spoken. All courses in Ireland which international students can study are completely taught in English.

    Ability to Network with Industry in Ireland

    • Did you know?

      • Companies in Ireland: 1000s of giant companies in Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Social Media, Pharmaceuticals, and Finance have their European headquarters (HQ) or their largest European operations in Ireland. And these are some really big companies that need a lot of talented and educated workforce eg. Google, HP, Apple, Accenture, Dropbox, IBM, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, eBay, Microsoft, PayPal, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Abbott Laboratories, Pfizer, GSK, Genzyme and many more
      • FDI in Ireland: Ireland is the second most attractive country globally for FDI – after Singapore
      • Start-ups in Ireland: Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is said to be one of the 7 new cities in the world for start-ups.

    Work in Ireland after education

    The new government rules allow students to stay back for 2 years on declaration of results to seek employment after Masters. Once a student gains employment, the student becomes eligible to apply for Green Card/Work Permit. For students who have finished Bachelors, the stay back period is one year.

    Another interesting aspect about studying in Ireland is that after education, students can apply for jobs in all the EU nations.

    The number of international students visiting Ireland is

    The number of international students visiting Ireland is increasing each year, students from all over the world are taking advantage of the higher education standard in Ireland coupled with the unique cultural experience

    The number of international students visiting Ireland is

    Work in Ireland After Studies: On declaration of results, you will be able to stay back in Ireland for TWO year to seek employment once you finish your Masters or MBA. Once you get your job (and are earning Euro 30000 annually), you can apply for a Green Card/Work Permit.


    The number of international students visiting Ireland is

    Part Time Work in Ireland: International students can work part-time for 20 hours per week during the course. € 8-9 per hour can be earned by students in general

    Companies, Jobs, Placements in Ireland

    Ireland is relatively cheaper than other top cities in Europe to live, has a very low corporate tax structure (which attracts top companies), and simply put, everybody in Ireland speaks English – it is a 100% English speaking country. Your life as a student could be really good and easy in Ireland. There’s more –

    • 9 out of top 10 global ICT companies are in Ireland (there are 5300 ICT companies in Ireland)
    • 3 of the world’s top 5 gaming companies are in Ireland
    • Top 5 exporter of software in the world
    • 8 of the world’s top 10 technology companies are here
    • More than 50% of the world’s leading Financial Services firms have operations in Ireland
    • 9 of the top 10 aircraft leasing companies are in Ireland
    • 2nd largest exporter of med-tech products in Europe
    • 15 of the world’s top 20 medical technology companies manufacture in Ireland with 25,000 people employed in industry in
    • Ireland (the most med-tech personnel per capita in Europe)
    • 7 out of 10 of the world’s biggest blockbuster drugs are manufactured in Ireland
    • 9 of the world’s top 10 pharma companies are in Ireland
    • 6 out of top 7 diagnostics companies are in Ireland

    Some More Points About Studying in Ireland:

      • Ireland is ranked in the 10 best educated countries in the world: 24/7 Wall St/OECD Education at a Glance report
      • Ireland has some top universities and very well respected across the world. The infrastructure, the facilities, the lecturers are classy and world renowned
      • Ireland has one of the best education systems in Europe (2004 IMD World competitiveness Report) with a history rich in tradition and learning
      • Undergraduate degree system in Ireland is 4 years, much like that in the USA
      • Most Universities are spread over 100s of acres with some of the best facilities eg. UCD has the largest urban campus in Europe right in the capital city of Dublin, spread over 350 acres
      • Consistently ranked as one of the World’s Friendliest Countries. In 2010, Lonely Planet named Ireland the most friendly country in the world
    Overseas education consultants for Ireland in Pune

    Study in Ireland



    We are experts at what we do. Since 2016 we have helped 1000s of students (personally). As one of the leading overseas education consultants in Pune, the collective experience of our team of experts go beyond a 100 years. Many of us have studied abroad and know exactly what your requirements will be, what kind of universities should be best suited for your future, what you need to do to get there.

    Personal Attention

    Personal Attention

    We are extremely personal. Students ask us 1000s of questions and we enjoy replying to these. You will have one dedicated team member who you will be able to contact throughout the service. We don’t count the number of hours spent on you. We don’t shed away responsibilities. We work on your side and have just one thing in mind—to get you your best in your career.We enjoy when you get scholarships or you save money. Over 70% of our applicants will earn some form of scholarship / financial aid / bursary.


    Connections with Universities

    We keep in touch with Universities. We keep in touch with our past students. We know exactly what a University will require or we can identify it very (very) easily. We help you build your profile, craft a great resume, and statement of purpose (SOP)/essays and bring out the best in you while presenting you to a University. Chances of your admissions evidently rise because we are around.

    Studying Abroad

    Total Solution for Studying Abroad

    We help you right from start to end in the process ie. from selecting the right course and university list, documentation preparation, filling out and checking of forms, applying to universities, to securing admission offers, helping you finalize the best choice of university, visa guidance (including documentation, mock interview rounds, application), accommodation booking and much more. Hey! IELTS coaching is also available at our centre. We are brilliant with our essay editing services (remember – you will have to end up writing 18 to 24 essays when you apply to 8 to 10 Universities). We are simply there for everything! #enoughsaid


    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Mostly all of our students are through word of mouth. You will ENJOY your process and will not have to think how ordinary a question is while you ask us. We reply. We ensure that you remain satisfied. Nearly all our students would give us a 100/100 for our services.




    Major Intake


    Education System

    The best education system in Europe

    Fee Range

    € 9000 – € 24000 a year (Approx)

    Living Cost

    Expected living cost € 10000 per year


    Modern Learning Environment

    Overseas education consultants for Ireland in Pune



    Documents For Admission

    •  10th mark sheets & certificate
    •  12th mark sheet & certificate
    •  Graduation Mark sheets Degree certificate/ Provisional Degree
    •  Master Mark sheets and Degree Certificate / Provisional Degree
    •  Original Passport
    •  IELTS/PTE/TOEFL Score Card
    •  Updated Resume
    •  2 Letter of Recommendations from Your Graduation College or from Workplace
    •  Application Fee Depends on University
    •  Statement of Purpose According to your Course

    Documents For Visa

    •  Unconditional Offer Letter from Your University
    •  Tuition Fee payment Proof From University.
    •  Financial support documents 20 to 30 Lakhs which Includes your 1 Year tuition Fees and 1 year Living Expenses in Ireland (6 Months old Funds)
    •  Job Offer Letters and Work Experience Letters
    •  Last 3 Months Salary Slips
    •  IT Returns (Last 3 Years)
    •  Affidavit of Sponsorship
    •  Medical Health Insurance For 1 Year
    •  Police Clearance Certificate
    Yearly Expenses

    Yearly Expenses

    •  University Tution Fees : €10,000 to €23,000 = Rs.9,00,000/- to Rs.22,00,000/-.
    •  Insurance : €130 to €160
    •  Visa Fees : Rs.6700 for Single Entry Visa and Rs.8300/- for Multiple Entry Visa..
    •  Air Ticket : Around Rs.40,000/- to Rs.50000/-. (Depends on Your Flight)
    •  Our Consultancy Charges: No Charges (We are officially Tied up with the Irish Universities so we don’t charge from students)

    Part-time Job Opportunities in IRELAND

    •  20 Hours Per Week During Study and 40 Hours Per Week During Vacations
    •  Full Time Work During CO-OP
    •  2 Years of Post Study Work Visa After Study
    •  PR Opportunities thereafter

    IELTS Requirements For IRELAND Student Visa

    •  Minimum 6 Bands in IELTS.
    •  Minimum 50 Score in PTE Academic.
    •  Minimum 79 Score in TOEFL iBT.

    Process For IRELAND Student Visa

    •  Submit your Documents to Onebounce
    •  Within 2 to 3 days we will give choices of Universities and Courses
    •  Apply for Admission
    •  Receive Offer Letter from University within 1 to 3 Weeks.
    •  Prepare Finance and Income Related Documents
    •  Pay tuition fees to UK Universities
    •  Receive Confirmation from University Regarding your Tuition Fee payment
    •  Undergo Police Clearance Certificate
    •  Prepare Student Visa Application & Submit Online Application
    •  Submit Student Visa Application @ VFS
    •  Decision of Student Visa Application within 4 weeks
    Why Onebounce?

    Great Career, Global Education

    •  More than 10 Years of Counselling & Recruiting Student’s to top Institution across the World.
    •  One Stop Solution to All Study Abroad Needs.
    •  Best Coaching Facilities & Experienced Faculties for IELTS.
    •  Experienced Staff for Admission & Visa Guidance.
    •  We provide Accurate & Genuine Guidance to Students.
    •  Most Trusted & Successful Visa Consultant in Pune, Maharashtra.

    Most Preferable

    Universities of Ireland

    Ireland education consultant in Pune
    • Trinity College Dublin
    • University College Dublin
    • University College Cork
    • Maynooth University
    • National University of Ireland
    • Technological University Dublin
    • University of Limerick
    • Dublin City University
    • Waterford Institute of Technology
    • IBAT College
    • IT Carlow
    • Griffith College
    • Cork Institute of Technology
    • Letterkenny Institute of Technology
    • Athlone Institute of Technology